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E. C. Davis & Associates LLC

PO Box 13329, Charleston SC (USA)

Phone: 843-762-4269       E-mail :

E. C. Davis & Associates LLC


After 35 years in business, EC Davis & Associates has closed. Several large parts of the business have been sold, and Ellen and Tommy are finally retiring. We will miss our clients who have become such good friends over the years, but are happily engaged in playing golf, traveling, driving our new convertible, and sitting by the beach at our Singer Island, FL condo. The house in Charleston is sold, and we bought a small condo there as well. We welcome staying in touch and can be reached at


Our Office Manager, Lynn, is still in Minnesota, where she has more time now to play her harp and relax as well.


We want to make this one referral. If you are interested in the Team Manager Development Center (TMDC) or other training and consulting work we may have done in the past, please contact Lisa Brownlee at Leader's Imago ( Lisa is great and we know you will enjoy working with her.


It is with nostalgia that we say good-bye and best wishes. Life is good!


Ellen & Tommy


Alternate contact: